Fritz: Mom, when am I going to get my own phone?

Me: Uh, when you’re 19?

Fritz: Awww….

Me: Why do you need your own phone?

Fritz: So I don’t have to borrow a phone when I go over to a friend’s house. I can just use my own to tell you where I am.

Me: What’s so terrible about using someone else’s phone?

And then I get a huff and a shrug as though he were twelve and I’m just an out-of-touch mom for goodness sake: You just don’t get it, Mom.

For the record, we don’t know any eight-year-olds who have their own phones. I honestly think he was just being practical. And lazy: that additional step of asking to use a phone can be a bit troublesome, I guess. He seemed genuinely surprised when I told him that phones cost money. Yes, I think it’ll have to wait until he finds steady employment. Poor kid.

One thought on “Deprivation

  1. Oh gosh – we have this conversation far more than I’d like to … with my 9 year old because she does know so many other kids who have cell phones…we know so many people who give their K5 and first graders cell phones. I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY!Our kids are just deprived!

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