St. Valentine’s Day meme

Sarah tagged me for this. I’ll do the best I can.

What are your favorite top ten romantic movies?

I’m recently coming to the conclusion that 99% of the time, I watch a movie and immediately put it out of my mind. This is the only way to explain how I can scan my rental history at Netflix and only vaguely recall half the movies listed there. And romance movies are not a genre I typically aim to watch. There is only so much suffering to which I want to subject my husband. So, here’s what I came up with:

1. 50 First Dates

2. It Happened One Night

3. Groundhog Day

4. Moonstruck

5. The Notebook

6. The Sound of Music

7. The Princess Bride

8. The Age of Innocence

OK, that’s the best I can do. They are in no particular order, but those last three are movies I would actually watch over and over again. #6 and #7 I have actually watched over and over again, because I own them (a rarity for me). #8 I saw only once in the theater, but I absolutely LOVED it. I read and loved the book first (see below), and thought Scorsese did an excellent job making it a movie.

What are your top five favorite romantic books (fiction or non-fiction)?

Again, I’m pretty good at forgetting books I read. Unlike movies, I will re-read books and it’s more fun if you forget the ending, don’t you think? Also, again, romance is not my favorite genre, so the pickings are slim.

1. All of Jane Austin’s books. I have a three-volume collection of her six novels. I loved them all. But I will confuse one from another, so I won’t even try to distinguish which I liked best. In my free time, I will re-read them, and I’ll let you know my favorite then.

2. Much Ado About Nothing. OK, this is a Shakespearean play, but I’m including it here, since there isn’t a category for this form of literature. Shakespeare’s comedies were all great romances, and I prefer them to the tragedies like Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Even in my most angst-ridden teen days, I just didn’t get the whole suicide thing.

3. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.

I’m sure if I spent another hour here at the computer, I could come up with more. But this will have to do.

If money were no object, where (on earth) would you like to spend your Valentine’s Day and how would you spend it? In other words, what is your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date?

I’d say Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is a small medieval village in Germany…but not in February. I’d rather be someplace warm. Maybe Cozumel? I’ve never been to Mexico, but I’d like to check it out.

3 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day meme

  1. <>In my free time, I will re-read them, and I’ll let you know my favorite then.<>hahahahahahaha!oh – wait! you weren’t serious, were you? free time? what’s that? 😉

  2. I think I’ll have some free time in 10 or 15 years…you can wait, right?

  3. This is interesting. I think I’m like you- it would take me quite awhile to rack my brain if I had to come up with these answers. I have to say that I haven’t even heard of some of your top movies. I think I need to get with it! (Don’t worry- I have heard of the Sound of Music…and love it- so I’m not that out of it!)

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