The Kitchen Sink

Since everyone is doing it, here’s my kitchen sink:

kitchen sink

I have a lovely view of my neighbor’s kitchen window. Fortunately, they keep their blinds down all the time, so I’m comfortable leaving my blinds up all the time. I want to be able to catch every tiny ray of sunlight I possibly can.

Note the pile of dirty dishes. It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday, so there are breakfast, lunch, snack and even dinner-prep dishes in there. On the window shelf is my Kitchen Madonna, the baby monitor, a candle, and a vase for pens and pencils. Bill bought the cross hanging from the window in New Mexico.

To the right of the kitchen sink is this typical view:

little helpers

I love having a peninsula. I am much more accepting of my little helpers if I can keep them over there and not in my own work triangle. Even if I’m only doing the dishes, I almost always have company and the peninsula is a great spot for snacks for whoever feels the need to bend my ear.

11 thoughts on “The Kitchen Sink

  1. Do you think I could get a peninsula like that into my 10X11 kitchen?
    Me either. But it IS great for Little Helpers, or helpers of all shapes & sizes, to stay out from under the cook’s feet.

  2. I like that penninsula, too, and I can see how it makes having helpers easier.

  3. Beautiful girls behind that peninsula! And thank you, I never knew there was a name for those extended counters, and it makes so much sense! 🙂

  4. LOVE it! And after you move, we’ll expect an updated Kitchen Sink too, you know. But I don’t see any ice there… 🙂

  5. Love, love, love the pictures, Michelle! Thanks for “keepin’ it real”, so to speak.

    (And New Mexico! Yay!) 🙂

    We love our peninsula, too. It’s my kids’ favorite hangout. (Mine, too…perfect for crafts! And baking! And wine sipping, while hubby does the cooking!)

  6. That’s so beautiful!

  7. oh, praise God somebody posted a doggone kitchen sink picture with actual dirty dishes in the sink. I saw that thread going around on the blogs and all the picture perfect kitchens and thought “never in a million years will I post a picture of MY kitchen sink!,,,”….lol!

  8. HA! This post was brewing for a week, but I could never get a shot without dirty dishes…I finally said, Oh well, this is my real life!

  9. Do you think if you started putting your blind down the neighbor would feel comfortable putting there’s up..? 🙂

    And I posted a picture of my kitchen nice and dirty, too. Something about airing my dirty laundry feels good!

  10. Nah, the neighbors are never home!

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