Learning Latin

This year, Fritz is learning Greek and Latin root words, and next year he’ll move into Latina Christiana. I’m floundering with just the roots! I have little idea how to pronounce the words, and so I do the flash card drills with less confidence than a teacher ought to have.

Fortunately, I have an aunt who taught Latin – at the collegiate level, I think. I emailed her an S.O.S. last week, and she said she put some pronunciation guides in the mail. I can’t wait to get them.

She also sent me a link to Living Bread Radio. They have the Our Father and the Hail Mary in Latin, and you can listen to a Latin expert recite them to learn how to say them properly. The Latin expert happens to be my aunt. I thought it was neat to hear her. And now I can learn those prayers.

This weekend I listened to Living Bread Radio for a bit. I left it running on my computer and would hear bits and pieces. I had a funny kind of nostalgia. The station is out of Canton, Ohio – what was once HOME for me. I lived in that area until I was 9, and the vast bulk of my mom’s family still lives there. One ad was for Walsh University. I remembering attending my father’s graduation from Walsh College. One thing I remember about my grandmother’s house was that she always had the radio on in the kitchen. She would listen to Paul Harvey as she went about her chores – cleaning up after and feeding a house full of men who were all working the farm. Living Bread Radio doesn’t have Paul Harvey, but I bet Grandma have listened to it had it been around then.

I need a mini-computer for my kitchen – an under-cabinet mount kind that has nice speakers. An ordinary radio won’t cut it because I’m stuck with local programming. Do they make such things?

7 thoughts on “Learning Latin

  1. With an Airport you could network any computer to your primary computer. However, let me suggest you try podcasts instead. I got an iPod when it first came out so mine is very bulky when compared to the Nano’s my kids have. However, it is simple to plug it into the kitchen stereo and we can listen to music or the huge collection of podcasts that are available. I love Cardinal Arinze and Challenge and Change from the Apostolate for Family Consecration. The USCCB also publishes the daily readings as a podcast. I either listen to them through the stereo speakers or put my headphones on if I am going to be in and out. Also, here is a good site for Latin prayers.

  2. Thanks, Denise!

    I had an iPod on my Christmas wish list until I saw how expensive they were. Suddenly, quiet contemplation while doing dishes seemed a superior way to get closer to God!

    But I am glad to know that they can hook up to a radio. Although sound-reducing headphones would help me enjoy the time – I dread what would be going on while I’m in my cone of silence!

  3. you might like minimus mouse for latin stuff. they’ve even got a latin bingo game and children’s plays in latin.

    on the above comments – i just learned the other day that target sells refurbished ipods at greatly reduced prices from new. besides, as soon as a new one comes out (hello, iphone!) all the other models take a huge price dip. we were lucky – pete won ours in a drawing.

  4. Thanks for the link, Heather…and for the hot tip about Target iPods. It’s like cell phones – always something smaller, better, faster…and all I want is to be able to call AAA if the car won’t start.

  5. Are you using Prima Latina right now?

    I find the woman’s pronunciation horrific… too much of a southern accent. My kids’ rendition of the prayers were getting out of control. So I just pause the dvd and do it myself…even though I am not as confident either!

  6. No, Megan, I haven’t started it yet – it’s on the list for 4th grade…are you jumping ahead or is your son already there? Thanks for the heads up. Latin with a southern twang…hmmm. My aunt said she sent guides to help with both classic and eccesiastical pronunciations. I’ll let you know how much help they are.

  7. I can’t wait to hear Living Bread Radio. The pope recommended we learn at least the basic prayers in Latin, so ready set go!

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