Clerihew – Part Zero

Bill didn’t “get” the Ted Hughes clerihew – the original thing this morning that got me going. Anyone else lost on that? I’d really hate it if your English lit classes didn’t fill you in on some of grittier details of the life, and most importantly, the death, of mentally-unhinged poet, Sylvia Plath.

2 thoughts on “Clerihew – Part Zero

  1. Actually, MY professor did that topic to death (pun intended…bad me!) If I heard about that poor woman with her head in the oven one more time….but hey, she also got the whole class free subscriptions to Ms. Magazine–so you can tell where it was all going. I think she made us read “The Feminine Mystique” and a fiction work (the title escapes me now) about some women who became feminists and left their husbands & kids.

  2. Ugh, ptooey, who wants to read about horrible poets with so much angst??? Give me a limerick any day, or a good, old fashioned country music lyric. heehee.

    There once was this girl named Michelle.
    Who could do the clerihew quite well.
    She shared them with me.
    Who was then filled with glee.
    And also made it my head swell.

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