Clerihew – Part 1

Since I’m sure there will be more.

Michelle Reitemeyer
Seamstress for hire.
A lot of stockings she made.
Unfortunately, two big clients haven’t paid.

I want to read more Clerihews (see post from earlier)! Write one on your blog or in the comment box.

2 thoughts on “Clerihew – Part 1

  1. wow, that’s horrible! I had one dress I sold that took almost 6 weeks to receive payment. It sure is hard to work for the husband’s boss (in my case a previous boss). I fretted the entire time that maybe they didn’t like my work or something. Finally, I typed off an e-mail, yada yada, complement, did you like the dress, and I’m sending an envelope to the bank so I can make some deposits, I was hoping to include yours…ect with all the gentlest of grammar. It worked. Such a relief. “Possession is 9/10th of the law,” so my husband always says.

  2. Fortunately, one just emailed and asked if she had forgotten to send the check or just forgotten to record it in her checkbook…and the other will get a reminder tomorrow.

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