So, you’ll get a thousand words instead.

Bill keeps asking me when I’m going to post some photos. I’ve tried. Blogger is unable to complete my request. I see Blogger is able to do this for lots of other people, so I don’t know what gives. I DO know that Blogger couldn’t spell check my posts for about 2 weeks – a problem that went away as mysteriously as it came. Coincidentally, now that I can be assured that the most egregious of typos are spotted, I can’t share the blinding glare of over 2000 lights on a 7 foot tall tree.

5 thoughts on “So, you’ll get a thousand words instead.

  1. Michelle, I was having trouble with that a while back, and I started a flickr ( account – then instead of downloading pictures to blogger, you download them there and link to them. Blogger seems to like this better. I think there are other technical reasons for doing this (I picked up on it from some of the other blogs I read), such as faster download (though I’m guessing). There are other free photo download sites that work for this – I think photobucket is one and I’m sure there are others. I’ve not had any problems with flickr. Good luck!

  2. Yeah…old dog, new tricks. I’ll get there eventually. Thanks, Sarah.

  3. I’ve still got pic capacity, but some of the text features are missing…no colors and when I plug in my pics and do bold or italics I get html showing up in my drafts…and no spell check, which is not great for making me look smart,lol. I’ve never been talented with spelling. So I’m looking forward to the pics too when blogger gets things straight for you . By the way, we love the stocking! It came in the mail last Saturday! Right on time and John thinks it’s the coolest thing. It will be hanging in his office next year for sure. Thanks again! I thought it might do well as a velcro patch holder, if I hang it in the laundry room year round.

  4. Susanna – that’s a great idea for the laundry room. The stocking itself can hold all the other junk they keep in their pockets. I may just do that. Glad you both liked it.

  5. The blogger works in mysterious ways.

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