PT goals

Back in October, I wrote about two out of three PT goals for this year: one was to run the Army Ten Miler, the other was to run 250 miles in total. I never did write about the other one, and I really wasn’t sure I would actually accomplish it.

My third PT goal was to pass the Army PT test (also known as the APFT). There are three categories for the test: push-ups (for 2 minutes), sit-ups (for 2 minutes) and a two mile run. For each event you earn a score based on how many you do or how fast you are. You must get at least 60 points in each event for a minimum of 180 points to pass. Your gender and your age influence your score; I, a 35 year old female, am not expected to do as many push-ups as my husband, a 38 year old male, who is not expected to do as many push-ups as a 30 year old male.

I needed to do 15 push-ups and 42 sit-ups to pass. My run time had to be faster than 21 minutes and 42 seconds. Back in June was the first time I tested myself, and I had the run time down, no problem. But I could only do 2 (yes, TWO) push-ups and 18 sit-ups. By September, I was up to 8 push-ups and 31 sit-ups.

By the way, sit-ups are really hard, especially if you’ve had 5 babies. I’ve done crunches over the years, but hadn’t done full sit-ups since high school. When I first started working on this goal, I could not do a single one. Not a single one.

And push-ups? I have never been able to do those. My husband looks so beautiful doing them. Really. He can knock out the fifteen that I have to do without breaking a sweat. I think he does some ridiculous number like 60 when he takes the test. Sixty!

Sorry, I just got distracted there for a bit daydreaming about my husband’s rippling muscles.

Anyway…oh, yes, my push-ups are not nearly as pretty, and if my husband were counting them, I probably would only have earned 3 or 4 (there are strict rules about what actually counts as a push-up), but I did manage to wobble through 15 of them to get the minimum 60 points. I also did 42 sit-ups – disappointing since I’ve done more, but I’ll take the 60 points. And my run time was 18 minutes 48 seconds which earns the average score of 80 points for a grand total of 200. And so, I passed.

For this coming year, I think I’ll stick with the same goals: 250 total miles; some race, perhaps a 10k instead of 10 miles; and passing the APFT – maybe with 15 good push-ups. This seems like a downgrade – after all, shouldn’t I run more miles (currently, I’ve run 379 for the year), run a longer race, or improve my test score? I’m just being realistic. I’m not pregnant right now, but maybe soon, and if so, I don’t see me running a marathon.

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