ACU Christmas stockings

I’m almost ready to go:

I’ve got 30 yards of ACU fabric, 30 yards of faux fur, and 25 yards each of 1″ and 4″ wide gray Velcro.

We couldn’t find our stash of 550 cord, so I need to buy some of that, and I also need more white and gray thread.

Bill took in a sample stocking today sans Velcro (it only arrived here an hour ago). I’m waiting for the green light to begin the tedious task of cutting.

I should have photos posted tomorrow and a final price. I need to time myself making them to evaluate my labor. The biggest pain is sewing through 4 layers of faux fur!

The PX is selling ACU pattern stockings for $18. I did a recon today, after my husband alerted me to this possible threat to my business. No faux fur. Big plastic pocket in the middle for a wallet sized photo of your “Most Valuable Patriot.”

I’m not knocking it.

But mine is way cooler.

2009 Updated link with pricing/photo

Updated for 2011: I’m still selling these, folks.  I can make them left or right facing.  They are $20 + $2 to cover the cost for Paypal + $5.20 S&H.  Just send me an email or leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “ACU Christmas stockings

  1. Well Shoot! The PX shouldn’t be allowed to compete with ready established home enterprises. When I applied for a vendor’s liscense it took them a couple weeks to approve it cause they had to make sure I “didn’t compete with aafes.”
    Still I bet yours are way better! But it doesn’t help the PX has jumped on the band wagon. So sorry to hear.

  2. I am interested in purchasing for my office. I don't know how to make contact without using personal info. My husband is at Benning; I am at Ft. Gillem, in ATL. Are you near?
    If so, my AKO is easy to find.
    MSG Carmela Wong

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