5 thoughts on “Family pictures

  1. Great photos–all of them! But I LOVE the one of all 5 kids. Very sweet.

    And dagnabbit, you reminded me that I need to get going on lining up my kids for a grimace-free shot for the Christmas cards (I grimace at the thought, and there are only 3 of them!)

  2. Trust me, Barb, this photo shoot was better than last year, but still no picnic.

    That one of all five kids – they’re all looking at me. I had gotten the feather-tickler and was trying to keep Petey happy. I realized after she took that shot that they were looking in the wrong direction and moved closer to the photographer, but that one came out best. And it IS cute!

  3. Michelle, What a beautiful family! Smiling faces, too! That is an accomplishment right there.
    Your five children are the exact ages that our five children were last year.
    Blessings, kristina

  4. Gorgeous photos, and it’s great to “see” you as well.

  5. These are beautiful pictures!

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