Jesse Tree

Advent is coming faster than you can blink. I almost always scramble every first Sunday of Advent getting the Advent wreath out and trying to find candles. Today, I am going to make sure that I have everything I need to avoid the unholy scene that will unfold without proper planning.

Yesterday we received another Leaflet Missal catalog. I love this company, but don’t know why they have to send us another catalog every 3 weeks, especially when I don’t often have a chance to sit down and peruse it! I literally dropped my jaw when I saw this Jesse Tree project. YEARS ago I made my own very very similar Jesse Tree. So similar in fact that I am highly suspicious of which friend may have told which person about it and turned it into this project. My Jesse Tree is a banner with a green felt Christmas tree on a dark blue starry background. But my symbols were photocopied from a book, colored by my little kids, and mounted on felt. These symbols are beautiful! I really think I’m going to ditch my homemade one for this one, at least to replace the symbols (seriously, a few of the symbols were colored by the 3 and under crowd – you can hardly see the symbol under the scribble!).

If you’ve never done a Jesse Tree, I highly recommend it, and this kit is good for those who don’t have the space for a three-dimensional tree (often a bare tree branch is used to hang ornaments). I truly believe that we each, every day, have chances to say “Yes!” to God, to offer Him our own Fiat. The Jesse Tree uses symbols to represent people who also offered their Fiat to God: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Ruth, Daniel, and, of course, the perfect Fiat of Mary. I like to use the Jesse Tree as another countdown to Christmas, adding one more symbol every day. It gives us a chance to read some great stories from the Old Testament and to ponder anew the magnificent Divine plan for our salvation.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Tree

  1. We love doing a Jesse Tree. Sadly, we haven’t done it for a couple of years, so thank you for the inspiration to get out my kit once again.


  2. We have a felt one that was made for us by my SIL our first year of marriage. I think it is really neat because it has a brown felt stump in the bottom right corner (that doubles as a pocket for all the symbols) and then looks like it has a branch coming up from it. I think it is supposed to represent the shoot that will spring forth from the stump of Jesse.

    I have thought about making different symbols so that we can swap some of them out and “change up the line-up” so to speak. Thanks for linking to the Leaflet Missal site. I really liked the 12 Days of Christmas add-on to their Jesse Tree. Might have to order that!

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