Halloween Party fun

We went to Halloween party last night.
I was Medusa. Medusa had pink, green and blue snakes in her hair, because those were the only colors Athena had available.

Bill was Perseus. Dig those flip flops.

The hostess was a Twister board. Her son was Pooh.

The man in the picture is another guest dressed as Smee (his son was Captain Hook, daughter was Tinker Bell, and wife was Wendy).

This picture of the girls was taken the other week for our neighborhood party. They dressed the same last night, but I didn’t have time to do their hair.

Here is one of Jenny last night. I really thought the purple socks were a great touch.

For food, I took a big bowl of baby carrots and orange pepper slices and some veggie dip. My sister suggested a cheese ball made to look like a jack o lantern. We used the stem from one of the bell peppers on top, and Bill used American cheese to cut out eyes, nose and a mouth. Cute.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Party fun

  1. It looks like you had a great time. I like your get up and the Twister board best of all.

  2. wow- that wig is aamazing. You look awesome. And the girls could’t be cuter. I’m in awe of your craftiness. fun fun.

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