Recipe ideas, anyone?

Tomorrow night I’m going to a Halloween party. If I get lucky at the Dollar Store and find some plastic toy snakes, then I will be Medusa, and Bill will be Perseus. Nice, huh? Otherwise, I’ll just be some plain ordinary Greco-Roman noble woman, and Bill will just be some plain ordinary Greco-Roman soldier. It amuses me that my soldier is going as a soldier.

We are instructed to bring a “spooky” dish. Any ideas? I don’t want to work too hard for this. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being store-bought chips and salsa and 5 being homemade apple pie with a lattice top crust, I’d prefer to keep things under a 3.

4 thoughts on “Recipe ideas, anyone?

  1. My pal < HREF="">Betty<> has 4 whole pages of Halloween inspired recipes ranging in degrees of difficulty. The witches hats look the simplest to me, but oh so cute!

  2. Make a pan of brownies. Buy some white store bought icing and squeeze out a simple cobweb design on the top!

    Easy enough?

    If you can remember, I’d still love to try your pizza dough recipe. I know you are busy, as I am, so no hurry. Thanks

    Have a fun party

  3. OK, I don’t have spooky, but I have gross. Will that do?

    “Snot on a Stick.”

    Get a jar of “nacho cheese” like you would dip chips into. Warm it up. Add a little food coloring to turn it nasty green.
    Dip big stick pretzels in the cheese, until the cheese makes a big snotty drip. Cool on waxed paper.

    I plan to bring this to the 5th-grade party next week.

    OR–check out for the articles on the main page. There are lots of Halloween recipes–severed finger cookies….

  4. cmw – wow, your pal Betty is fantastically creative. Thanks for the link!

    Mom to almost 4 – I haven’t forgotten about the pizza dough. I was waiting to see if freezing my dinner roll dough worked (it did) before I recommended any dough recipes. I’ll post them both later today, I swear.

    barb – snot on a stick will definitely appeal to the 5th grade crowd. I’ll have to remember that for my boys in a few years. But, I really don’t think I could stomach it myself…

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