How to win a race – toddler style

I had to attend a meeting on Thursday afternoon for the homeschool group. This time, my kids weren’t the only little ones. At first I was a bit concerned that it was going to be another meeting with barely contained chaos. Pete is at that age where shrieking loudly for no reason at all is loads of fun. And Jenny just dances and plays around him getting him wound up.

Then I noticed the older, “quieter” boys were having a conversation in a secret burp language.

Fortunately, the meeting was short and the kids managed to keep the noise down to a rumble. And I got a chance to remark at just how smart a baby can be.

Jenny and another friend were racing from one wall to another. Back and forth. Back and forth. Pete thought this was great. He waddled along behind the girls and imitated the way they threw their bodies on the wall. Then, they took off for the other side and left him in the dust. He quickly realized that they would race to the other side, throw their bodies on that wall and then race back to where he was.

So he stopped, turned, went back to the wall, and threw his body up against it. And then he waited, watching over his shoulder and laughing at his own cleverness. Soon, the girls returned to his wall and joined him. They thought he was pretty funny too, and declared him the “winner.”

If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying.

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