Old Fogie Dating

As part of our doggie adoption agreement, Bill and I need to take Greta to obedience school. German Shepherds need discipline, they said. Their owners need discipline too, they implied. This is fine with me. She’s a pretty good dog anyway, and I can see how being able to communicate to her what we want and having her do it will make us all happy.

Besides, maybe I’ll pick up a few tricks I can use on the kids.

They recommended a school, and we signed her up beginning this Saturday. I asked the woman: who should take her? – Bill or I? I spend more time with her than he does, but she listens to me better than she listens to him. The woman suggested that we both attend the first class, if possible, so we could be on the same page when bringing the training home. If the same person could bring her to the next two classes, by class 4 it wouldn’t matter who brought her.

For Bill and I to go together, we obviously need a babysitter. And I know for sure that Bill will be out of town for one of the classes, so I need a babysitter for that day too. I called one of the girls in the neighborhood. She’s very sweet and the oldest of 5, including a baby sister who is only a few months older than Pete. If anybody has good techniques for distracting young toddlers who are weepy for mommy, she’d be the one.

I left a message asking if she could babysit specifically for the 2 days I needed her, but decided spur-of-the-moment to ask if she could just do every week for the 6 weeks. This would give Bill and I two to three hours every Saturday morning with no children (except for that 65 pound baby). Yes, yes, 45 minutes to an hour will be spent in travel and 1 to 1 1/2 hours will be spent in class. That’s ok.

The babysitter phoned back and agreed to come, so YIPPEE! She’s probably thrilled to have a “regular” gig, and we’re thrilled to have a regular “date.”

Maybe we’ll include a trip to Dunkin Donuts to add a touch of romance…

3 thoughts on “Old Fogie Dating

  1. Hey, I say, take it where you can get it. A weekly car ride in peace and quiet?…AND a dog obedience class?! What more could a girl ask? 😉Good for you. A little date-time is necessary for you AND for your kids. Show them how to make their future spouses a priority. Enjoy!

  2. Check out Cesar Milan too, Michelle. We are totally hooked on his Dog Whisperer show (on National Geographic), but if I remember correctly, you don’t have satellite or cable…check him out online or get his book from the library. His dog techniques ARE really good for kids too (and some adults), and he is just a dear. I think that he must be Catholic. Can’t tell you for sure why I think so, but see what you think…And a big THUMBS UP on an excuse to spend together time with your hubby! YIPPEE indeed!

  3. Bill’s reading Cesar’s book. I’m reading one called <>Leader of the Pack<>. Interesting stuff.

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