New Month’s Resolution

I used to take baths regularly. When we remodeled our sole bathroom in our Jersey house a few years ago, showering was not an option. I took baths only for a very long time and got pretty sick of them. Since then, I hadn’t taken baths at all until my recent foot injury. Twice, I opted to bathe instead of shower to avoid putting pressure on my foot.

It was quite nice. I had forgotten that.

And so, I have a New Month’s Resolution: take a bath at least once a week.

Why should I wait until January to improve my quality of life? New Year’s Resolutions tend to be daunting year-long goals (lose 20 pounds, stop smoking, spend more quality time with family). And that’s why so many of those resolutions are not kept. It is much better to set shorter term, simpler goals and be successful.

In 1994, my New Year’s Resolution was that I would never put my socks away unmatched. Believe it or not, my laziness in this regard was causing personal quality of life issues. Twelve years later, I still keep that resolution. And I am much happier because of it.

It is, after all, the little things that matter.

So, this month, I will take a few baths. I may not continue this habit for twelve years, but if I drop it, I will be sure to substitute another long forgotten habit, like reading fiction.

What’s your New Month’s Resolution?

2 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolution

  1. I want to try to attend First Saturday Mass. I’d love to attend EVERY Saturday Mass, but with Boy Scout camp this month, I know there’s at least one I’ll miss unless the kids are Early Birds.So far in July, so good 🙂

  2. This reminds me of what I call < HREF="" REL="nofollow">“pizza dough spirituality”<>. Thanks, I needed this reminder to concentrate on little changes and the big changes will take care of themselves

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