my swollen foot

If I were a horse, they’d have shot me. But luckily, I’m only half Zebra. Like my tan lines?

Foot is doing much better. I’m walking. Went to the grocery store (running out of everything!) and managed without too much thought about my foot. Just some limping.

You can’t really tell in the picture, but I have a bruise that runs from the outside of my left heel, across the top of my foot and toward the toes. I think my training program for the Army Ten Miler is on hold until next week at least. Bummer. I so like going out at 430 am to run 3 miles before dawn.

One thought on “my swollen foot

  1. Oh, ouch. I’m sorry this has happened to you!I know just how frustrating it is to see your house fall apart around you because you are incapacitated. I broke my wrist in March and still don’t have full use of it, although it is much better. But those first weeks when I was in a whole-arm cast and couldn’t even lift my baby or open a jar of baby food I lost my identity. Who am I if I can’t run my house?!Get better soon. I SOOOO know what you are going through.

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