pity party squelched before it began

Just as I was beginning to feel sorry for myself for having to take all the kids to Mass without Bill while they, of course, were doing everything in their power to make it as difficult as possible to the point that we did not stay for donuts after Mass and I had to remind Katie that wailing about her sad fate was definitely not going to change my mind…just as I was beginning to give myself permission to be grumpy about my oh-so-hard existence and to adopt a woe-is-me demeanor…just then, I read these words of Sarah at just another day of Catholic pondering:

“…I would like to revisit what Mass really is. It’s a giving back to God. So when you offer him your hectic, chaotic parenthood; when you give him back the blessings he has given you – just look around you! You will not be disappointed.

I hope never again to say, with longing in my voice, “Ahh, the days of a quiet Mass.” It is the noise that is my prayer; it is the wiggling that is my joy; it is the child who reminds me of my vocation.”

OK, I’m sorry, kids, that I even dared use you, my little blessings, as an excuse for a bad attitude.

I should know better anyway. Just yesterday, I had a brief conversation with a woman I know, who is, in fact, having a very difficult life right now. Truly, she has all my sympathy and support for the heavy burden on her plate.

Suffering Woman: I just want to ask, “Why me, God?”

Me, with all the vim and vigor of a happy Catholic: Oh, I never say that. I know what I’ve done in my past to deserve this. I just say, “Please, Lord, mercy! I’m really sorry!”

Suffering Woman, after a momentary blank stare: Oh. I never looked at it like that. {fast retreat from the wacko}

I laughed out loud at that.

Thanks for the attitude realignment, Sarah. I’m all back on track now with joyfully suffering: “Thank you, Lord, might I have another?”

2 thoughts on “pity party squelched before it began

  1. You know, Michelle, I almost did not even add that part to my post…I felt like I was being too “stuffed-shirted” (or is it “stuff-shirted”?) about the whole thing. I’m so glad it gave you the strength you needed to GO TO MASS! And I hope that when you found yourself at Mass, with the Real Presence, that you too were reminded of just why you needed to go in the first place! 🙂 As for your suffering friend having to scamper away from a wacko…let’s just say that I relate… 🙂

  2. Actually, Sarah, I read your post AFTER Mass when I was through with suffering, but just wanted to keep feeling miserable!I ALWAYS find a moment to be joy-filled at Mass, even in the midst of the craziness. But it’s really hard when the baby is fussing, the toddler is showing off her diaper and lying on the pew with her feet on the seat back, your 6 year old decides that sitting/standing/kneeling at the appropriate moments is optional, and the A/C isn’t working so everybody’s temper is a bit short anyway!Your entry was just a kick in the pants for me. Thanks!

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