Parental Guidance

Catholic Mom has this to say about the PG rating for the film, Facing the Giants:

What if the movie had the same plot but instead of finding his Christian faith, the coach attributes his life improvements to becoming a Muslim? What if he begins to practice Wicca? Christian parents might very well object. In the same way, Muslim, Wiccan, Atheist, or even Jewish parents might be uncomfortable with their young children viewing a movie that points to Christianity as the road to true happiness.

I agree. Even within Christianity, I’m not sure I want my children to be exposed to other concepts without me there to act as a buffer. Last summer, my kids participated in the VBS program here on post. This was a joint VBS hosted by both the Catholic and Protestant Christians. I wasn’t thrilled at this idea, but I went with it anyway. It wasn’t bad…

…the kids began each day in a “homeroom” for attendance and opening comments before heading off to the different stations. The woman who ran Fritz’s homeroom was asking the kids questions and trying to drill them in the appropriate rote responses. Name a book in the Bible. Who wrote the four Gospels?

How many books are in the Bible?

Whose Bible?

I went home that night and told Fritz: there are 73 books in the Catholic Bible. Repeat after me: 73 books in the Catholic Bible…73 books in the Catholic Bible…

It’s not a really big deal, but I’m happier with knowing what my children are being taught. I have no problem with other parents being equally cautious about what their kids may be exposed to over at my house.

I once had a neighbor attribute her preschooler’s recognition of an image of the Blessed Mother he saw on tv to playing over at my house. Yes, I have multiple images of Mary in my home, but I told her I had never, ever identified those images as Mary, Jesus’ mother.

And the last time I checked, even the Baptists approve of an image of Mary every time they display a nativity scene.

But still, I understand someone’s caution about the possible bad influence of my home. I have the same qualms about them!

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