Last week it was peanut butter…

…slathered all over her naked torso.

Tonight it was margarine.

When her siblings called out, “Mom, Jenny’s covered in butter,” I said to my sister on the phone, “Oh my gosh, I gotta go.” click. She never called back, so she must have guessed it was a disaster, not a tragedy.

She was dripping globs ranging in size from 1 tbl to a quarter cup. And when she saw that I saw her, she ran…around the house…dripping everywhere.

Maybe someday she’ll own a fancy spa, and the famous and wealthy will come from all over for her special butter masks. Maybe she’ll own a line of moisturizer. Or maybe she’ll just always have soft, supple skin. And hair.


7 thoughts on “Last week it was peanut butter…

  1. And I thought boys were the only ones who made messes like that!

  2. I am crying, this made me laugh so hard.Little Brother did that once, with chocolate.

  3. Second Son (< HREF="" REL="nofollow">the one who just got his Eagle Scout award<>) has always had the ability to eat great quantities of food but always at a leisurely pace, savoring every bite. When he was a toddler we were at the local Baskin Robins enjoying ice cream cones. As usual Second Son was still licking away by the time the rest of us were finished and ready to leave. My husband commented, “He is the abominable slow man!” My son heard this as “snowman” and immediately smashed his remaining ice cream on his face to make himself into a snowman.

  4. LMAO!!!!! she and T really DO look alike. wow.

  5. I have one child who is “sensorial”, as we refer to it, with food. She can’t eat anything without rubbing it all over her face. But now that I’ve seen your photos, I have a whole new perspective. Thanks, I needed that today!(And by the way, I’m quite certain my attitude about such an event would not be nearly so admirable as yours is–you are an inspiration!)

  6. Too, too funny! These photos stand the test of time–as delightful in October as they were when you first posted them!

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