swingsets, gardens, and why I rarely have trouble sleeping

Bill has left for work. It’s been nice seeing him this past week.

My ticket cost me $200. OUCH.

Yesterday, we continued our insane push of physical and mental endurance as we attempted to put together the swingset we brought down from New Jersey. Last night, after many hours of labor, Bill announced, “It is now officially unsafe.” We have 2 platforms (one at ground level and one about 4 feet up) and a ladder, but no side rails. Should be fun trying to keep the kids off it. Perhaps I’ll work on it today.

It’s tough to put together something that was together once already. Many of the holes were field-drilled and duplicating the configuration is difficult. I’ve already made a mental note to use a marker to label some connections for next time.

And when all is said and done, the kids will be thrilled and I will be happy to let them swing and slide in the yard….except for one thing. Pete’s activity level is at that point where he is too dangerous for anybody’s good. He keeps me hopping. He’s already demonstrated prowess in climbing ladders at a friend’s swingset, so he’ll be eager to tackle this challenge as well.


Yesterday, I made it to a garden shop and picked up 3 tomato plants and 3 bell pepper plants. This is my first time doing container gardening, so it will be interesting to see how that works out. A friend who lives in housing that will be knocked down at the end of the year has suggested putting in a garden in her yard, since housing won’t care if there are vines growing every which way. I’m willing to plant and weed and help out there…but I still want to be able to walk outside and pick my salad.

Oh, lightbulb idea: I have 2 containers that are long and narrow and hadn’t figured out what to do with them: flowers? leave them empty? It just occured to me that I could use them for lettuce. I’d be able to move them to shade if I couldn’t find a spot that was shady all day. I only tried lettuce once, a few years ago. I was so proud and excited to see the little row beginning to grow. I couldn’t wait to have a totally home grown salad.

And then one day I went out to the garden to weed and I noticed that the entire row was gone: devoured by the fat groundhog or woodchuck pest that wandered in our neighborhood irritating gardeners. Had the thing walked into my garden at that very moment, I would have killed him with my bare hands.

Things are easing up: a little school today, watching my friend’s kids, baseball practice tonight (working on a swingset, planting some annuals, laundry, cleaning, grocery store, post office – the usual). Tomorrow’s schedule is empty (shhh, don’t tell anyone). Only 2 more soccer games, 5 more baseball games, and 2 birthday parties this month (so far).

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