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Days and days ago, Eric Scheske was asking readers to recommend his site, The Daily Eudemon (apparently his kids need shoes). I’m finally getting around to it. Eric is a pretty funny guy, and I love his blog and his columns for Catholic Exchange. I used to have a link to him on my sidebar, but when I changed my template I lost it and haven’t gotten around to putting it back up (weak, I know).

Anyway, hat tip to him for this review of The Da Vinci Code at Decent Films. I especially appreciate the comparison of media’s religious interest in The Passion of the Christ (the indignant cries of anti-Semitism) to the deafening silence on their part for these same issues with The Da Vinci Code. As Bill always says, “It is socially acceptable to be intolerant of Catholicism.”

My favorite part of the review is the end:

Catholic writer Mark Shea tells an anecdote about a college bull session among students at Central Washington University over The Da Vinci Code. “Even if it’s just fiction,” a student opined, “it’s still interesting to think about.”

To which another student replied: “Your mother’s a whore.” And then, to the first student’s stunned incredulity, he added, “And even if that’s just fiction, it’s still interesting to think about.”

My mom used the “it’s just fiction” line to me when expressing some interest in the book and movie. I responded with, “There’s a lot of fiction in the world…why waste your time with crap?”

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

3 thoughts on “movie review

  1. you know, i didn’t think it was a very good book. and frankly, there were no theoretical or historical bombshells for me. but then the level of my pleasure reading is a little higher than the average (not to sound conceited, i just don’t enjoy most pulp fiction). pete never even finished it. he stopped about midway through and said it just wasn’t very well written. we’re certainly not running out to see the movie.

  2. I agree with you completely! You know, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I learned that nugget of wisdom in junior high when I sneaked a “romance” novel around and read it without my mom knowing what was inside. It was quite graphic, and not suitable for anyone. But the funny thing is, it got so boring, because it was “crap”. So, there you go. Even a child can know it.

  3. I loved that “your mother’s a whore” quote, too! I can’t wait to use that logic in a future discussion!

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