full plate

Wow. I’ve actually got some pretty heavy-duty issues in my life right now.

Housing: our move is scheduled for next week. I just found out that there is no high-speed internet or TV service at my new house, and there won’t be these services for, oh, weeks. And housing thinks that this is OK. I’m not sure about phone service either.

My rental property: I need to get up to Jersey and find new tenants. We’d like to put in a new kitchen, too. In our copious free time.

Swingset: I have a nice swingset in Jersey that I’m making arrangements to have taken down and re-installed here in Virginia at the new house that I’m going to refuse to move into until I can have internet and TV service.

Fritz: 1st Communion is only a few weeks away and the timing couldn’t be worse.

Chicken Pox: Just found out that a friend in Jersey has exposed her kids to the virus and should have a pox on her house in a few weeks. I’d like to expose my 2 youngest ones – I stopped doing the vaccine after Katie when I learned it was made using fetal tissue. Again, we have a huge timing issue.

Blood pressure: Bill had it taken yesterday and it was higher than healthy (not bad enough to medicate, but worth attention). High-pressure job, limited sleep, long hours, no exercise…plus additional stress related to our rental property and our housing situation here. Plus the guilt he feels knowing he’ll miss just about every soccer and baseball practice for the boys, and half of Fritz’s baseball games.

OK, that’s enough for now. I need to focus on today’s schoolwork and what’s for dinner and folding laundry. All these other things will fall into place…eventually…right?

One thought on “full plate

  1. WOW, and I thought I had it rough because I’m starting to have to make my hubbs lunches again! You’ve got a lot on your plate right now and it must be horribly stressful! I will pray for you that things go smoothly with your move. I have a daughter who’s already received FHC and it’s such an exciting time. I hope your son receives wonderful graces with his (my second child will be receiving on the 30th!) and things will settle down a little for you. I love the name Fritz by the way!

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