for rent

For rent: very small Cape Cod single family home in Hamilton Square, NJ. Three bedrooms, 1 bath. Nice yard. Great neighborhood. Monthly rent: TBD. Available: June 1st.

Any takers?

6 thoughts on “for rent

  1. if only you could transplant the house to ohio… 🙂

  2. yeah, it’s a good size for a family of three or four. Of course, there are job opportunities in NJ……scratch that. I really can’t recommend NJ as a great place to live. No offense you New Jerseyites out there. It’s just very crowded and hectic and pressurized.But that neighborhood is pretty nice. Not perfect. But friendly, lots of kids.

  3. remember, i’ve lived in NJ. i have zero desire to go back. even less than OH – can you imagine? 😉

  4. Michelle, if you think the Hamilton Square area is “crowded, hectic and pressurized” you should try where I grew up: extreme northeastern NJ!Now I live in Burlington County and it feels practically leisurely.

  5. Naw, Barb…NJ is crowded, hectic and pressurized, but that’s why we lived in Hamilton Square, too. Bill was born in Kearney and his relatives still live there. His brother lives in Jersey City. They grew up in Manville and we lived there when we were first married. When I think NJ, I think about the Route 22 Corridor and the area around NYC. Mercer County (and Burlington County) has some beautiful countryside – Bill always reminds me that NJ is the Garden State and there are more horses there than in Kentucky. In fact, I always thought it was neat that 5 minutes from my house, I could find myself in farmland. Of course, K. Hovnanian seems to be fixing that…

  6. Oh, and right now I live in sprawl central. Northern Virginia is worse than any place in NJ south of Route 22 and rivals that of the NY Metro area.Plus the drivers are awful.Sorry, Viriginians, but do you understand that turn signals are meant to be used when turning (and ONLY when turning) and that there are 2 different kinds – one for LEFT turns and one for RIGHT turns?I actually MISS NJ when it comes to driving.

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