The Awakening

We went into DC again this weekend to see the cherry blossoms, but they weren’t ready. It was pretty cold. We picnicked at Hains Point, not far from the Tidal Basin. There is a cool sculpture there called The Awakening.

It was made in Princeton, NJ by Johnson (sorry, can’t remember his first name).

Not far from Princeton, in Hamilton Square, is a really awesome park called The Grounds for Sculpture with tons of sculptures, mostly by Johnson, and the same ability to climb on/around/under them.

3 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. thank you so much for sharing these! i’ve never gotten to see that sculpture in person but i want to some day. is it just me or do jenny and treya really look a lot alike? it’s hard to tell in that particular pic.

  2. I just passed a sign for Grounds for Sculpture today! I think I know where I’ll be taking the kids one day during summer vacation, when we need a change of pace! šŸ™‚

  3. Take a picnic, Barb. It’s a lot of fun there.We lived in that area for almost 7 years and only went once. The kids were too little to really appreciate it. Maybe I’ll take them there this summer when we go up again.Heather, you’re always welcome at our home. You can do DC all you want.

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