week 27

Yessiree, we started week 27 this week. Can you guess who wants the school year to end most? We have 6 weeks to go in our curriculum, so if all goes well, we can take the week before Easter off and be done – totally – by the time Fritz makes his First Holy Communion on May 14th.

The big wrench in the gears, potentially, is that Housing claims my new house will be ready for our occupancy by the end of April. I may be good, I may be determined, and I may want to be done already, but I really think moving into another house – even a local move done by movers – will set me back by at least a week. I plan to spend all of Holy Week doing my spring cleaning – as I usually do. But this time, the focus will truly be on sorting, organizing, and weeding things out in prep for the move.

2 thoughts on “week 27

  1. Let me know how it goes and what helpful, organizational, moving tips you have. We’re in the throws of decision making for the house and although it’s fun, it’s also overwhelming. Good luck with the move.

  2. When we moved here a year ago, I used a lot of Flylady’s advice. Her website has some suggestions here: http://www.flylady.net/pages/Flying_MovingTips.aspI think her book, <>Sink Reflections<>, is better than her website. You should be able to find it at the library.The best advice she had was to have a moving notebook. Into this notebook you can write (or staple) all those pesky details about the move: quotes from movers or truck rental places, confirmation numbers from utilities going on or off, etc, etc. She also suggested that you number your boxes as you pack them and keep a list (in your notebook). Every other move, I just labeled boxes as “living room” or “kitchen”. That time, I had 91 boxes. They were also labeled with “living room” and “kitchen”, but in my notebook, I wrote: “Box 25, Kitchen, cookie sheets, muffin tins, rolling pin.” There were other items in that box, but those key items were listed in my notebook so I could find them in a pinch.And I didn’t make that data up. I still have that notebook, because several boxes were never unpacked. I reference it all the time when trying to find something unusual.But this move, and your move, is a local move. And housing has movers coming to do most of the stuff. They won’t label boxes like that! Most of my neighbors who have moved already have filled laundry baskets with their stuff – especially the kitchen stuff – and moved it one carload at a time. I hope to do that too.

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