would you like a pancake with that syrup?

When you are two years old, you get away with things that you don’t when you are three years old. Jenny, who has more than half a year left until her third birthday, is milking this fact for all it’s worth. But this morning, I’d really had enough.

Every morning, it’s the same thing. She wants a pancake (the frozen kind I’d never touch, but the kids eat up). She wants syrup. She takes 2 bites and then gets distracted and leaves the table. She comes back 5 minutes later and all the syrup is gone. Yes, it’s been sucked up into the pancake, but she doesn’t understand that. When you are 2, your life experiences (or lack thereof) limit your intelligence…and reasonable and rational are not appropriate adjectives to apply to any toddler.

So she asks for more syrup. Lacking the stamina to argue with her, I give her more syrup. Repeat the above steps, and 5 minutes later she wants more. After that, she usually has eaten most of the pancake or decides she’d rather have Cheerios. This morning though, she wanted more and more and wasn’t even waiting for the syrup to be sucked up into the pancake. She just kept arguing with me and crying and pointing to spots that were dripping with syrup and saying she needed more right there can’t you see the dry spot, mommy?

I finally said no more. And walked away from her. She sat there for quite a while crying. I began to pray that she was sick, so I could give her an excuse for such deplorable behavior. Then I thought about how miserable I would be if she were sick, and retracted that prayer. She seems fine now. And the uneaten pancake is forgotten. She’ll probably ask for Cheerios soon and ask for milk, and more milk, and more milk (the Cheerios aren’t covered yet, mommy…they’re floating, dear…no, mommy, more milk!).

3 thoughts on “would you like a pancake with that syrup?

  1. Our Knights of Columbus is having a Shrove Tuesday dinner and we plan to attend. Otherwise, I’d go get those free IHOP cakes.

  2. oh my. that sounds so familiar. and they are so obstinate in that “no you don’t understand, you’re supposed to do what i say!” kind of way, huh? i’ve been hitting that “no more” point with T a lot more often these days. and then she makes up for it with kisses and being so cute you could squeal. 🙂

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