My Busy Weekend Part II

Saturday was overbooked.

First, everyone was tired and cranky. We didn’t get home from dinner until after 1030 pm. I had told the babysitting kids not to worry about putting my kids to bed. I don’t know why. My kids generally go to bed without TOO much fuss. So, they were bouncing off the walls until 11 pm, three hours after their usual bedtime.

Next morning, nobody slept in. It was Billy’s birthday, and they actually got up earlier and with more excitement then they did on Christmas morning. No joke. Jenny was particularly grumpy and I knew she wouldn’t last long into the day.

So we all went to the grocery store together. I needed fruit for a fruit salad. We went home. Jenny fell asleep in the car. Pete fell asleep soon after we got home. The rest of us grabbed a quick lunch, and then Bill took the three oldest to Chuck E Cheese which is what Billy wanted to do in celebration.

I was elated that I managed to dodge that trip. In fact, perhaps that was my plan all along and why I allowed the kids to stay up so late, knowing that Jenny would take an early nap.

{insert evil laughter here}

I had no rest while the gang was gone. Fortunately, miraculously, both babies slept the whole time. I made the fruit salad. I made a stew for Sunday’s dinner. I tidied the house. I did all the dishes. I was Die Ueberfrau. It felt so good to actually get things accomplished. Things actually stayed clean. Rooms did not get destroyed while my back was turned. It was great.


The gang came home. Bill’s parents and brother and sister came over for cake and presents. The little ones woke up. We had fun.

Then we kicked them out, and we packed the family up and went to the Cub Scouts’ Blue and Gold Banquet which is a big, fun party with food, skits and awards. We were excited because Fritz was supposed to get his Bobcat badge. He completed all the requirements back in January, but snow had canceled that pack meeting. We hadn’t worked much more on his Wolf badge waiting for him to get his Bobcat badge. He was nervous, he admitted, but I told him that there would be lots of kids getting badges, so nobody would really notice him, and dad would be there with him.

His den was the second den to be called up. Everybody got a badge or a belt loop or something…except Fritz. No Bobcat badge. Nothing. When they got back to the table, I said to my husband, “Are you going to talk to his den leader, right now, or shall I?” Bill went. The den leader had made a mistake. He had completely forgotten that Fritz had completed the requirements and so he hadn’t even filled out the forms. Apparently, everybody else communicates via email to remind him of things, but we chose the old-fashioned way of telling him in person and he wrote it in his book and forgot to check it.

I felt so bad for Fritz. He was really upset, and Bill took him out and talked to him for a bit. When they got back, Bill announced that it was time to go. I couldn’t argue. How could I make him sit there and watch all the kids get some award, when he didn’t get anything (even though he earned something)?

It was a big bummer on an otherwise fun and happy day.

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