slow start

Most days all my kids are up by 8 am. Most days 4 out of 5 kids are up by 7 am (Katie has always been a late sleeper). Today, I had 2 kids up by 7 am and Billy only just joined us moments ago at 815 am. It’s a slow start.

Normally I really like them to sleep until after 7 am. I’m up by 530, so I can get stuff done. But today, Bill went in late since he has to work late (it’s Friday, you know, and that seems to be his new routine for Fridays – working past 6 pm). I’m happy that at least he’s going in later than normal: the previous 2 Fridays he left before 6 am as usual and didn’t come home until after 7 pm. And I thought that at least he’d be able to spend a few minutes with the kids in the morning. Silly me. I had no idea they would actually sleep in today of all days.

So Jenny and Fritz had Dad all to themselves. It was nice. Bill was sitting in the big chair-and-a-half and Jenny climbed on his lap. Then I saw there was just enough room for me next to him, so I cuddled in. Then Fritz jumped on top. And we watched a few minutes of the Wiggles – why not? – before Bill decided it was time to go. It was a few minutes of that quiet peace (except for the singing of the Wiggles, but I keep the volume pretty low) that I love so much. Just being together. Just enjoying a few minutes with no pressure to go somewhere, do something or rush along. Just sit, snuggle and thank God for each other.

One thought on “slow start

  1. Ah, that’s what I loved about our trip to Charleston. Absolutely not one plan. It left lots of time to reflect, walk and snuggle together. I told Nelson one night as I stared into his eyes, “I remember when I used to look at you like this and wonder when forever together would start, and now here we are!”

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