I went shopping yesterday. I had a mission: to buy a formal dress. The last time I had to do this, I decided to sew my own dress. I still have that dress and like it a lot, but I’m still 11 pounds up (but only 11 pounds up!) from my pre-pregnancy weight and it’s just a bit tight. I’d rather be comfortable, and it’s always good to have a spare dress…or two…or three…

Along on this mission I took a young woman I know. She is 20. It was good to take her, since she kept me from even looking at the old woman dresses. These are very nice, very modest dresses that look best on someone who is 45 or older. I’m not there…yet. Soon, but not yet. So, it was nice to have someone along who kept me focused on younger styles.

The problem with taking this particular woman, though, is that she is a size 4 with A cups. I am currently a size 12 with C/D cups. So, every dress that she tried on looked fantastic on her. Ugly dresses looked great on her. Beautiful dresses looked beautiful on her. And I looked like an slightly overweight, soft-bodied mother of 5, which I am.

big sigh

Anyway, I looked at the dresses that were available and was so very disappointed. Every dress is either strapless or spaghetti-strapped. I couldn’t even find any sleeveless dresses. To make things worse, the cleavage on these dresses dropped below the breasts. And most didn’t have backs, either. Now perhaps I am a bit of a prude and I’m not interested in showing off my body to a whole room of strangers…but from a purely aesthetical standpoint, I really don’t want to see that much of somebody else’s body either. Unless it’s a really nice body. Some dresses simply shouldn’t be made in a size larger than about 8. And perhaps it is fashionable to go about without a bra, but if you’re bigger than a B cup, it’s really not attractive. Really, it’s not. And dresses that have no back, have spaghetti straps and have cleavage to the navel do not allow for the wearing of a bra.

I tried on 6 dresses and settled on one with spaghetti straps. I bought a sheer black scarf to go over the shoulders, since I freeze at normal room temperature. And I’m determined this coming fall to start another sewing project. I’ve got to figure out a way to make an attractive, stylish dress that adjusts without too much trouble to the constantly changing measurements of my constantly changing body.

And with that invention, I’ll make a million bucks!

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