For many weeks now (an eternity around here), Pete has been unable (or unwilling) to go to sleep in his bed and stay there for more than about 15 minutes. Daytime or nighttime, his favorite place to sleep has been in my arms or perhaps in the car seat. It’s a bit exhausting, especially since he weighs about 18 pounds now. I generally take a shower at night before bed, and in order to accomplish this, I would nurse him to sleep, slip out of bed and take a shower, only to emerge to his screams or to find Bill pacing the halls with him on his shoulder. Then I would just go to sleep with him. I don’t mind him in my bed, but every so often, it’s nice to snuggle up to hubby and not kiss goodnight over the head of a sleeping baby.

Ah, but to everything, turn, turn, turn…blessed relief, I’ve been able to nurse him to sleep in the evening and put him in his crib where he remains for, sometimes, a few HOURS. Wow.

Last night I took a shower and went to bed, kissing my husband goodnight with no little body between us. Several hours later, I was wondering “what in the world is that noise?” And fighting that little nagging voice that was telling me to get up. I’m just not accustomed to responding to a crying baby in the middle of the night!

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