the grass is always bluer?

“Mom, Billy called me stupid!!!”
“Are you stupid?”
“Then it matters not what Billy says. Truth is truth. If you’re not stupid, his saying so doesn’t make you.”

My version of “sticks and stones”.

Truth IS truth, and the sooner my children learn this the better. Around age four, kids start to get really upset if someone says something incorrect. I remember Fritz getting upset that Billy would call things the wrong color. But if Billy calls the grass blue, that shouldn’t be Fritz’s concern…unless he suspects that the grass really might be blue.

As for me, I have little doubts about truth. If something new seems truthful, but doesn’t fall into place with what I already believe to be true, I investigate the issue. Generally, I find that much information was hidden. Most truths are extremely basic – such as the right to life of all humans from conception to natural death. That is a one sentence tenet with NO exceptions (well, FEW exceptions: just war, self-defense, and, in limited applications, capital punishment). When people try to force exceptions into morality, then one must closely examine those exceptions and discover the truth about them. So far, I’ve yet to find an exception to the right-to-life tenet that holds water.

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