When do you have time to blog?

Early in the morning, late at night, or while my children roam unsupervised throughout the neighborhood. Actually, I just plop them in front of the TV so I can get in some computer time.

Seriously, my computer is centrally located so I can keep my nose in what is going on around me at all times. I read and write in stops and starts, and although I try hard to make it look like my blog entries are one cohesive and coherent thought, frequently they are composed over the course of an entire day.

Why do you blog?

Life is an ongoing process and people change and grow by the day. I want to remember me, my kids and my fantastic home life. This is my main reason for blogging.

I don’t live near my family, and we are a military family on the move. Lots of family and friends use my blog to stay involved in my family’s life.

For these reasons, I try to have an upbeat, amusing blog. Except for occasional rants about general topics, I try to keep things light. I don’t mind remembering the struggles of motherhood, but I don’t want to remember petty annoyances, and I certainly am not interested in recording the transgressions of those around me. If I can truly laugh about something, then it’s okay. But if I’m laughing at someone or if I’m still really mad at someone, I’d rather not write it down. My blog is not intended to be a way to air my grievances or to garner support for my side of the story.

I also blog as a way to provide me a community of friends who can support me, especially as I move around the country or world. Unlike my physical neighborhood, I can choose the people who live in my virtual world. It’s nice to surround myself with like-minded, Catholic women, many of whom homeschool, many of whom are struggling with the same issues I do every day.

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