The pot calling the kettle extremist

GOP Gains Could Hurt Obama Political Capital, If Not Agenda – “Still, Democrats suggest the Tuesday night wins are anything but helpful to the Republican Party.

‘They’re in a civil war over the definition of their party,’ said Paul Blank, a Democratic consultant. ‘And the extremists have won.'”

Yes, and the Democrats know all about that.

Only in America…

…does poverty make you fat.

Wallets Thin, Waistlines Expand in Recession

No excuses, people. Smaller portions ALWAYS save money. You don’t have to buy organic to be healthy. Frozen vegetables are not very expensive. Beans have lots of nutrients and are really cheap.

Put down the halloween candy and pick up an apple. They are in season and inexpensive.

No matter how cheap McDonald’s is, the grocery store is cheaper. The economy does not make you fat. Your lifestyle makes you fat. Period.

Happy Halloween

To Bill, who loves Halloween much more than I, and who loves details, and who loves homemade costumes, and who is not here to enjoy the fun.

This is my usual Halloween photo. Here are the kids. Aren’t they cute?

But I knew my husband would love more pictures, more details. Here you go, hon.

Fritz was Zorro. Most of the kids we saw tonight had no clue who Zorro was. The grownups thought he was cool. And he is his father’s child. “No, Mom, Zorro’s cape has openings for his arms.” Would not be happy with anything else.
His sabre. Love the extreme weather fencing gloves. By L. L. Bean. Never know when you’ll have to fight in a snowstorm.
Yes, the hat is too big. It was my first hat. Hopefully it is my last hat. I hope to only supervise any future hat construction projects. Peter’s hat (which I supervised, mostly) was much better, but then he changed his mind about being Zorro.
Billy was Obi Wan. Of course.

Shhh. He’s concentrating.

A HUGE thank you to Charlotte for posting the directions to do a Jedi Robe (also useful for many many other costumes).

The other pictures were taken before dinner. This is what he looked like with his “beard and moustache.” Thanks to my husband for the burnt cork suggestion.

Peter changed his mind repeatedly about what to be and finally settled on police officer.

Everybody thought he was adorable. He is.

Your well dressed policeman is sporting fashionable cowboy boots this season. Very “in.”

And blue neckties. And orange flashlights. Fritz made the badge. Isn’t that sweet of him to step up and help his brother? He also made him a cardboard gun, but Peter didn’t want it. I told everybody he was a Britsh cop.

My girls decided to be a choir of angels. They also decided to do their own wings and halos. (Un)fortunately(?), Dad wasn’t here to “fix” anything. Mom was more than happy to let them do it (less work for me).
Katie’s halo. Also note the blue electrical tape used to hold the string to her wings on. Classy.
Katie’s wings.
Jenny’s halo. Katie helped Jenny with her costume. Isn’t team work wonderful?

I stapled the 1/2″ elastic to the cardboard. That was my part.

Jenny’s wings.

Sweet Mary who likes to have her picture taken, but is not a natural poser.

I knew she would never tolerate wearing wings, so I stitched on some pretty gold scrap fabric that I had.

They forecast rain, but it mostly held off until after 7 pm. We had just enough time to fill the treat bags before it started coming down. And I didn’t mind that the kids would be up late (between the sugar and the excitement) since the clocks move back tonight. Wonder what hour my early bird will get up tomorrow?